MGnify ID ENA Accession ID Filesize Samples Paired End Files Title Status
SRP156200 PRJNA484080 268.09 GB 63 126 ARGs-OSP: Online searching platform for antibiotic resistance genes in metagenomic database and bacterial whole genome database UPLOAD SUCCESS
SRP056932 PRJNA279279 261.88 GB 19 38 Metagenomic analysis of thiocyanate and cyanide biodegrading microbial consortia Metagenome UPLOAD SUCCESS
SRP055985 PRJNA274897 229.02 GB 17 34 Oil droplet biodegradation Trondheimsfjord Metagenome UPLOAD SUCCESS
MGYS00005496 PRJNA504027 223.35 GB 17 34 Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study metagenomes UPLOAD SUCCESS
SRP050083 PRJNA268031 201.76 GB 12 24 Rifle, CO metagenome from aquifer UPLOAD SUCCESS
SRP045350 PRJNA257723 197.93 GB 14 28 Mediterranean Deep Chlorophyll Maximum Metagenome UPLOAD SUCCESS
SRP077551 PRJNA322246 179.6 GB 36 71 Baltic Sea (Asko 2011) Metagenomes UPLOAD SUCCESS
SRP045342 PRJNA257561 175.28 GB 11 22 Deep subsurface porewater Metagenome UPLOAD SUCCESS
SRP061771 PRJNA290197 162.9 GB 10 21 Methane Seep Sediments Metagenomic assembly UPLOAD SUCCESS
SRP092409 PRJNA352065 157.02 GB 28 56 WGS and RNAseq of grapevines infected with trunk diseases UPLOAD SUCCESS

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